Thursday, December 11, 2003

i have not been feeling well. but things are starting to look up. i ate a sandwich at otto's today. and i rode my bike home in the rain. also. rives is going to teach me how to make kombucha.

i am going to see explosions in the sky in a few hours. the weird part is this: i forgot about the show until i walked in and applejack reminded me.

"CAVE HEAD! How are you??? Oh, mon Dieu! How in the world did you remember my e-mail? OMD! I can't believe you moved so far away. I always thought that Fort least Texas would be your home. How long have you been there? Are you planning to come back for the holidays? Would be great to see you! I can't believe this!! Little Joel is growing up!! LOL
Thank you for the positive confidence in me. It really causes me to think about the "old" days when everyone was in the French class...some things were funny, and some were a bit on the creepy side!! Regardless, they were all fun for me.
I hope you have a great holiday, and STAY WARM!
Write when you can. I would really like keeping in touch.
Thanks for contacting me. I am appreciated.

M. Hammond"