Friday, July 22, 2005

i have my 2nd neck adjustment in 25 minutes. i don't know where mykey is and he had better turn up soon.

the other morning i woke up in the most pain i have possibly ever felt. my neck was totally messed up and i went to the chiropractor and got some X rays and an adjustment. i was out for two days. almost totally bed ridden. i watched a ton of movies and that was cool. then the next day i woke up and threw up about 3 different times. i couldn't stop dry-heaving. then i ate a burger and everything was cool.

where the hell is mykey!!!???


what the heck fest wasn't so great.

i wish ness was here, because talking on the phone sucks. and it reminds me of lesser times. also, it kind of hurts my neck to be on the phone.

where the fuck is mykey!!!!??????