Saturday, October 14, 2006

in my mind the wind pulls in with no other sounds and nino rota never ceases. baa-daa-baaa-daaa-ba-da-da-da-daaaaaa baaa-daa-daa-da-baaaa-ba-da ba-ba-baa-da-ba-da ba-da-ba-da-baaa ba-ba-ba-da-da-baaa repeats.

you know, you knew. formatting ideas is another thing. possibly the oblique strategies could work here?

there is no one for me anymore aside from the forceful and the family. i am a seeker, not a searcher!

i just finished "they shoot horses, don't they?" a remarkable movie about an exhausting dance marathon.

i also went to the sale at rainy day this morning and purchased several movies. one of them is a movie that is supposed to be pretty bad starring crispin glover in 1989 called "twister". i think i should go see him in seattle but i am not sure about the in's and out's.

i need to get on the ball with my application. really.

the radio show has been going real well.

anyways. i am going to mykeys now for cookies and watercolour.

oh yea, i saw Darger's art at the Frye. it was amazing. and "the science of sleep" was really good too.