Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Throughout the week I occasionally get e-mails from Benny P. (to my work address) of old Batman comic book covers. They always cheer me up, here are a few winners:

Monday, April 28, 2008

is it normal if you sometimes wonder if getting in a fight would make you feel better? especially when your a total wuss that cries during civil rights documentaries from the 80's and have never been in a real fight before, knows no moves (except those practiced after watching really cheesy karate movies), and has a terrible spine in general? have you ever wanted to punch your dad? why? have you ever lost touch with your grandfather and then wrote him electronic mail after 8 years of silence, and for no good reason?

do you want a Tenori-On?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

yesterday, I spent all day reading at the Evergreen LP & Slide Collection room while I made 2 cassettes: the first being a 90 minute sound collage of traditional African music from every region available & the 2nd was a copy of the 3rd Volume Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music and damnnnnn it is good! so far one of my favorite tracks is a really strange cover of "Blueberry Hill"...sung in a language that I don't think is actually a language and the guitar playing is incredibly unique and kind of bad.

yesterday Judith showed me how to make a CMYK silk screen print and I am so stoked! I think I'll find a picture to use right now!

tonight I am working at the Capitol checking ID's for the Hells Belles show. Hells Belles is an all girl AC/DC cover band...whoa! hopefully I will get some good reading done on my D. Halberstam book of the 50's. I have an essay due next Monday.

did you know Ricky Nelson was the Ricky Nelson from Ozzie & Harriet??? I never realized that:

alright, gotta run...it's finally nice outside...right after hailing.
4 scenes from Satyajit Ray's JALSAGHAR (The Music Room)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In my 50's class, I am reading all about Tennessee Williams and Brando and A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE ...so last night I finally watched it. It was a lot better than I figured it would be.

...in more modern movie news, I am about to go see THE BANDS VISIT at the Capitol Theater at 6:30...looks pretty good

the Animals Paint it Black

Monday, April 14, 2008

I went to the Library the other day, the GUN LIBRARY !

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Warren Jeffs, famed polygamist, built a temple in the same county where my family lives and has a ranch just on the other side of town....last week my dad called me up and said "Texas Rangers and Game Wardens just went into their ranch...and I just heard a boom!"

these people need to die, and also stay out of Texas

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

STAN BRAKHAGE - "I Dreaming"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

check out these 2 podcasts:ANALOG AFRICA MIX UP & the NICKY Z / JOEL B MIX (for this one look down where all the podcasts are and you'll see the K Records podcast which is it and it also has a tracklisting)

The most recent polls told this:

THE LAST CRUSADE is the all time favorite of the Indiana Jones series, STAR WARS is the all time favorite trilogy, & folks would only enter a (((vibe hut))) if THE (((VIBES))) KEPT THEIR HANDS OFF!

check out this new burger game I posted below...it's like Donkey Kong...but better! watch out for the bacon & eggs!!!

also, that SHADOW MUSIC OF THAILAND LP came in the mail...and it is amazing

I am now enrolled in a class called THE 50'S: FAB & FRAUGHT. It is 4 hours a night 2 days a week and so far has proved to be an interesting class and the 2 ladies that teach it are very endearing. We got to watch HIGH NOON yesterday and then we had a seminar about it (which was my first TESC seminar). I was a little annoyed at how all the greeners wanted everyone else to "restrict themselves"..... and at times I felt everyone was restricting themselves a little too much to the point where I just kept talking and then I felt like I was not restricting myself!!! ahhh...stupid greeners.

at any rate...check out the brand new K Office Web Log!

Ness and I started watching a television show called HEROES recently and it is highly addictive...and for the most part...very entertaining! we are nearing the end of the first season...and shit is getting complicated!!!

what's the next poll going to be?

I was talking to Ness, Danny K., & Jared last night and it seems like we might be showing some Cousteau Odyssey and Planet Earth at the Capitol Theater late night stylee. whooo

last Sunday I saw ROBOCOP 2...it was pretty darn ridiculous. I don't know if I even can handle the 3rd one....