Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I saw the new Indiana Jones! it was better than I thought it would be, but only cause I had really low expectations...although Indy's son was really annoying and the C.G.I. was pretty annoying during the "Tarzan" scene (???)...anyways...I still liked it...but I might be biased cause I love Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones and Cate Blanchett.

I also saw SUNSET BOULEVARD for the first time and it was brilliant. I highly recommend it!

I also saw CLAN OF THE CAVEBEAR ! what a wacky movie!

I tried stimulating the economy by purchasing this portable turntable

& this 3 channel dj mixer!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Orchestre Régional de Kayes

I can't remember if I ever posted about this record...but even if I already have, I would like to say that it is excellent!

(this is where I had posted a great review of this album but was accused of copyright infringement and was threatened by some Dr. guy...ah well)

I would also like to take back what I said about SUMMERTIME starring Katherine Hepburn. I would like to say that it is a gorgeous film that really idealizes Venice in a special way. There are also all kinds of especially strange moments of silence and just general akwardness that is pulled off with a hush. What I couldn't stand about this film is the stupid 1950's was hard to watch.

Anyways, Pizza Club was tasty today...Mariella "lala" Luz, Michael Elvin, Shawn "Pizza Club" Parke, & Kendra Hadlock were there! still wish Benny P. could have made it to that one Pizza Club. ah well.

I got this LP a few weeks back and it is the shittttt!

look here from some Gino tracks

Ness & I are almost caught up on LOST season 4! only 2 more episodes to go! they have been pretty damn good so far. wish Trish could be here.

I am thinking I might attend the Mikrofest 8 tomorrow at the HALL OF THE WOODS...some good bands are playing: FOQUE MOPUS, PROBLEMS, VIBRARIANS, DESOLATION WILDERNESS, and much more! plus it's a roller skating party!

I have to read PEYTON PLACE by Grace Metalious this weekend which should be's also a 3 day weekend and that means I don't even have school on Monday! Yes!

also, this picture is great

I am using it for a wiki page I am working on for a final project about Hi-Fi recording.

Mariella & Elvin gave me a deluxe copy of THERE WILL BE BLOOD that features a documentary called THE STORY OF PETROLEUM! can't wait to watch that.

alright, well...time to catch the 45.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

I just heard the new Indiana Jones movie really sucked! I also watched SUMMERTIME with Katherine Hepburn last night, and that sucked too! geeze...good thing PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE is playing at the Capitol Theater this Saturday!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This May has found me very busy with school, work, eating, drinking, yard work, listening to jams, and watching movies. nothing new right?

my 24th birthday this year was a huge success...or a small one. I went to work where we had a very extended staff meeting and then to a delicious b-day lunch with the gang + ness at The Great Cuisine of India. Then I went to school and ditched early to get back to my house where Ness, Caroline, and Cole were all waiting to eat some Pizza and some homemade strawberry rhubarb pie (the rhubarb came from Caroline's parents house and the strawberries were came from Cole's mind) that was highly delicious! We watched LAST ACTION HERO which is possibly the worst / greatest achievement of Arnold's career. There is the scene in the movie where Arnold's movie character Jack Slater is Hamlet....wait...I'll post it!

anyways, there are all these crazy dynamics to the movie that make it worth watching if you are an Arnold fan...however if you are is complete trash. Cole got me the BATMAN soundtrack by Prince on cassette...and I can not believe I had never actually heard the whole thing.

here is a picture of some of the gifts I received:

I got 3 bars of Endangered Species Cranberry & Almonds from 3 different people!!! Also pictured is some super delicious blood orange sorbet!

Yesterday was Ness' b-day and she also turned 24! Unfortunately I had school and she had work so we just made breakfast for dinner and retired for the day. Tonight she made reservations at Portofino for 12. We're meeting up there in 2 hours for delicious times.

Benny P. came to visit (hence the photo in my previous post) and we jammed! It was rad and I should have recorded it. We saw IRONMAN (w/ C.J.R.D.) and it was not as cool as I had hoped for after spending almost 10 bucks but whatever.

here are some photo's I have recently taken:

Rodrigo Valenzuela's art opening at the Black Front Gallery

Notice Walter posing like his statue (click on the photograph to enlarge)

a "pPod" that sold for $15,000 at the Laramore Project

Jeremy waiting for Coffee Club

at Discovery Park with Chris, Caroline, & Ness

starting a fire with a blow dryer

I recently saw that movie I missed at the Olympia Film Fest called THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE starring Will Oldham...I would say it's pretty good! I was not expecting it to be so well filmed and also have some surrealist elements to it...a little different that your usual indie movie.

I also would love to see GUMNAAM !:

the quote of the day comes from Jeremy Jay who was working on painting a fancy apartment in L.A. and was explaining to me how much money or "honey" these people had and how easy it was to make the "honey" and he said "you just gotta hustle your fuckin' muscle" .... ha!

so far (aside from the obvious classics) PILLOW TALK was the best movie I have seen in my 50's class (which is kind of sad). But it is kind of funny!

this was taken by Tyler Scott Keith in one of the funniest most unexplainable moments of my life thus far

Brent Meador and myself playin' w/ trains in Tulsa, OK

this was taken by my dad right
on the way to our farm just outside of Burleson, TX.
I am little, I am wearing a cowboy hat, and I am pooping.

I suppose I don't have a lot to say...I just worked all day and my brain is a little tired...but I was just sad I hadn't posted anything in a while...oh! my friend Brian Nicholson posted this amazing video on his blog!

Oh yea! last friday Caroline Rideout took us to her family's beach side property on the Case Inlet in the Puget Sound. It was so pretty, and it is also the only sandy beach in the whole Puget Sound! It was kind of surreal feeling to look at Mt. Rainier while making a drip castle. Then Chris & Catherine (Dad & Step-Mom) showed up and cooked us some salmon, asparagus, tomoto salad with little cheese balls, and some yummy potatoes.

AND! on Sunday...Ness & I BBQ-ed some burgers!!! BEST BURGERS OF 2008 - I want to make these for everyone (who eats meat).

I love everyone today, especially that waiter who has such an attitude at Mini Saigon! he gave me a free spring roll just cause I told him it was birthday a few days ago!

Monday, May 19, 2008

BennyP. & Melba J. = #1 Westside homies since 2005 !