Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I can't get enough of this scene:

I also really want to see GLEAMING THE CUBE with Christian Slater! There are so many great clips:

OH SHIT! Thanksgiving is tomorrow! it's gonna be at Josh & Taylor's house this year, and it's gonna be delicious. Here is a lovely picture of our hosts:

I wonder what Mykey's Thanksgiving day will be like in Uganda. I hope he doesn't have Malaria after all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I want this houseboat:

Life preservers for the Polar Bears!

L.E.D. Wallpaper!:

My dream tent:

My dream restaurant!!!:

I got these sneakers in the mail comfortable!

Brian put this song on a tape for me... and it's sooooo good! Roger & The Gypsies "Pass the Hatchet":

I also got this 6 song 12" e.p. that Woodsist put out:

I have been enjoying it.

& here Batman gets slipped some drugs and starts dancing!:

also, Thanksgiving break feels real nice. I am not sure If I will be continuing my program...but I am not sure what else there is to take. ah well.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jeremy started a web log!

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN was by far the best movie I saw at the Olympia Film Fest. Also one of the best: love stories, vampire movies, and independent films I have seen in a while.

On Friday I also got all 3 of the new Norton Records volumes in the MAD MIKE's MONSTERS series. Most of the songs are pretty amazing 50's weirdo dance type tunes known as "moldies" cause they were found in the old stacks of reject records in the vaults of the unauthorized radio stations of Pittsburgh, PA.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I blew some sodium up this morning, on purpose! as well as some Mg ribbons and I also mixed some sulfuric acid with some sugar and that was an exciting surprise. I am currently enjoying electron configurations:

and then we figured out how to use "rare gas notation" which is basically just a shorthand version. but it's fun!

damn! Cole e-mailed me this training video from Wendy''s hilarious!

I recently finished two books:
The Universe in a Single Nutshell by the Dalai Lama & Taking the Quantum Leap by Fred Alan Wolf. This guy was is apparently really goofy in real life:

They were both really good, I really recommend TQL to anyone who is interested in the history of Classical Physics and an understanding of Quantum Mechanics. I recently started The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton & Before the Fallout by Diana Preston. These are 2 books that are easier to read at the same time because one is light hearted and about simple discoveries while the other is about the history of the atomic bomb.

ERKIN KORAY. It was quite a while back when Warren Lee first told me about this musician. It wasn't until recently until I finally decided to pick up one of his records (there are all about $30!)... and this record is now one of my all times favorites:

Aşka Inanmıyorum

so far I haven't seen any feature films at the Olympia Film Festival that are any good... Ness, Rachael, & I all walked out of THE FALL. That was some boring pretentious shit.

the last good movie I saw was MAGNUM FORCE with Clint Eastwood:

thanks Benny P!

oh yea, and Cole J. R. D. let me borrow RAW DEAL!!!:

have the Rolling Stones ever been more appropriately used in a movie??

gonna go to the fest tonight and see that movie BEAUTIFUL LOSERS by the people who also make A & P Quarterly.

Ness & I bought plane tickets to visit New England over the holidays! We will also be visiting NYC!

oh yea! look at this!

gotta go to QB now...

oh shit! I heard that the Reef burned down today! crazy kitchen fire. RIP the Reef.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

excited about these 2 new K releases!