Saturday, April 24, 2010

I tried posting this back when Aisha B. first showed it to me while I was in SF, CA but they had taken it down for a while. Crispin Glover is so fucking hilarious.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

After finishing Dispatches we watched DEAR AMERICA: LETTERS HOME FROM VIETNAM by Bill Courtiere. It was one of the best war documentaries I've ever seen. Here's a pretty good clip. I have been feeling pretty bummed all day though, so I went running through the forest and down to the beach. I feel asleep for a bit, ran back and sat in the sauna for about 1/2 an hour. After sweating it all out I was in overdrive and ended up at the liquor store and bought some whiskey. Now I am going to watch THE GREAT SILENCE starring Klaus Kinski as "Loco". Benny's bud James said it was one of his favorite spaghetti westerns! I don't see how it can fail me w/ a combination of: Klaus, Ennio Morricone, and winter landscapes!

here's a killer tune by Bob Lee that sounds remarkably like a Screamin' Jay song:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the Tornadoes! wow!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

After reading Michael Herr's Dispatches almost entirely in one day, I was starting to get bummed (even though it's an excellent book & I think everyone should read it). Luckily, I found this clip of Vicente Gomez where he smiles the entire time (even when he's playing impossible chords).

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

I could really use a Pepsi right about now

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Charanjit Singh has always been one of my favorite Bollywood musicians, but I never he made this record in 1982 called 10 Ragas to a Disco Beat. The Bombay Connection label just re-issued a 2xLP that I really hope I can get a copy of. Thanks again to Joey Casio, as usual, for hipping me to the best electronic music ever made.

Speaking of disco music & Joey Casio... I bought the Debbie Deb 12" Single for "Lookout Weekend" today for only $5! I'll have to spin this at Mykey's love ceremony!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doris Day singing one of my favorite songs by her, in the film CALAMITY JANE (a really goofy musical, that's actually pretty funny):

Friday, April 09, 2010

THE ART OF THE CRIME, the #1 trading card of all times. These BATMAN trading cards were a gift from Cole J. R. Doig! (click on the image to make it larger)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Excellent live version of "Baby Let's Play House". They were doing those close-ups of his face to avoid showing his thrusting hips and shakin' knees over the air. I am so glad I finally love Elvis.

I tried to segway this into Beat Happening's "Playhouse", but I couldn't find a video... so I'll just re-post the "Black Candy" video that was recorded at TCTV in Olympia!

It makes sense to me on a lot of levels, because I probably wouldn't appreciate Elvis if it weren't for Calvin. We were discussing Elvis one day and I was like "you know, I am just NOT a fan..." & CJ says "... well, just give the guy a chance" & then he proceeded to give me an oral history of Elvis & Sam Phillips & Sun records and then the next day at work he had bought me an Elvis lunch box (as a joke) which Ness now uses as a container for seeds for the garden. He later lent me this book (I was still not a fan) called LAST TRAIN TO MEMPHIS: The Rise of Elvis & it was a really interesting book.... & I still was not a fan. Then Calvin lent me some records by Johnny Burnett & the Rock 'n' Roll trio & I was blown away. I LOVED IT. I started listening to it over and over and went into a deep Rockabilly phase. Later, when I was visiting my Mom & her family in Texas over the holidays, I went to Half Price Books (excellent chain in TX) and found this LP called ELVIS: The Sun Sessions. & now I am a fan! those recordings are so good. I'll never forget Calvin talking about his love for Elvis' haunting version of "Blue Moon".

Last quarter in class we spent some time talking about Elvis & my teacher talked about going to see him in Tulsa when he was a kid, and how he couldn't believe that the Rock 'n' Roll was making ladies around him tear their shirts off! They were screaming their heads off. Dave said "by the time the Beatles came around and all the girls were freakin' out... ah man, that was old news... cause I already saw that happen w/ Elvis".

My grandmother Ann has a great story about throwing her Senior dance in High School way out in Midland, TX in the 1950's. They had a $500 budget (that's a lot of money back then!) & on the day of the dance they were going to get all the food and whatever w/ their money when someone ran to the auditorium shouting "Elvis and his band are at the hotel down the road w/ a day off of their tour! Let's see if we can get them to play our dance!" So they all went to the hotel and found Elvis & the gang lying by the pool, told them about the dance & Elvis said "well, it's our day off, but we'll play for $500." Of course they gave all the money to the band and they apparently had the best dance of all times. Watching my grandmother tell that story is the cutest thing ever. Although, I doubt she was tearing her shirt off... but then again???
Georges Rousse (born 1947 in Paris) is a French photographer.

Rousse's work, from the 1990s to today, generally appears at first glance to be photos of desolate or abandoned spaces (buildings, rooms, parking garages or streetscapes) often on their way to the wrecking ball, on which the artist has superimposed precise geometrical shapes or squiggly graffiti.

However, this is an intended illusion: what Rousse does is to paint these designs onto the abandoned spaces before taking the photo, correcting for such things as the slope of floors or the interruption of beams, so that the painted designs come together to produce the illusion of a simple, flat design floating on the surface of the photo.

This type of work is referred to as anamorphic art. It changes but is only viewable in its intended focus from one precise viewpoint. The projects involve not only painting, but also some construction of sometimes major proportion! Curved walls, angles of light all play into the finished project. - (from

Rodrigo Valenzuela showed me this artist & his work a couple of years ago. Thanks Rodster.

Hey Fancy Fans, JB was kind enough to let me start posting whatever I want to on his blog. Cheers pal. I was trying to relax tonight and I stumbled across this sweet cosmic massage from India. Check it out.

Several years ago, Ness showed me this amazing documentary film by Merian Cooper (who later directed KING KONG in 1933) called GRASS: A NATION'S BATTLE FOR LIFE. It reminded me of an earlier documentary called NANOOK OF THE NORTH, but GRASS is far better because it is a real documentary where in NANOOK the directors made the Inuit people recreate rituals and wear clothing they no longer wore. Anyways, GRASS is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen and for some reason I have been thinking about it a lot lately. It was a really hard film to find forever... and now it's available in it's entirety just a click away!!!
this was made in 1872 & was not filmed, it was photographed. this was an experiment to see if horses lifted all 4 hooves off the ground when they ran, and while running the horse tripped wires which caused the cameras to go off:

a highly innovative Russian film, THE MAN WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA from 1929 by Vertov:

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

re-post from

Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


1. To the Hunt!

2. Top of the Morning

3. Rise and Shine

4. Go in the kitchen and bring me a “Church Key”

5. What the Horse-feathers!? (classic!!!)

6. I’ve had worse places on my eyeball (I heard this one so many times as a kid)

7. Now Lad, you better sit up and pay attention

8. Yo Ho Rinney!

9. Straighten Up and do Something Constructive

10. Get out the Camphopheneque (which is a small green bottle of rubbing medicine, it works for everything)

11. Shit, Oh Dear!

12. Your Just my Regular Little Hero!

13. It’s Just a Kids Game

14. Well, it’s called, something, is better than noth’in

15. Well Somebody’s Gotta Sacrifice

16. When I get up, Every body gets up!

17. Let the Rough Ones Ride and the Slick Ones Slide

18. Where the Farquaree?

19. It’s Neither Here nor There

20. They think I never get Tired!

21. I’m on a Fixed Income

22. Are we having fun yet...?

23. Nobody said it was going to be easy…

24. All Right! (this is said pronounced in such a way that makes it special)

25. I Must Go the Way of the Wild Goose!

26. Well, Balls!

27. Bear's Ass!

28. Tossel's to You!

The list goes on & on, but these are the sayings that I heard over & over as a kid. I used to live w/ Big Daddy every summer on the ranch, helping him do things like: manage 2 pastures worth of livestock (cattle & spanish goats), maintain his gardens, clean the troughs, eat lots of BBQ, swim in the stock tank, take the livestock to Junction, TX to sell, watch lots of John Wayne movies (he didn't need help w/ this, he even knew the Duke!), and go on "inspiration hikes" around the pastures to make sure all the deer feeders were doing alright. Obviously, we did a lot more than that but what I am trying to say is that C. R. Brazzel is one of the most influential & special people in my world. He's gonna have some weird eye surgery in Fort Worth pretty soon & I hope that goes well. All he wants to do is to get back down to the ranch. I can't blame him. You can see every single star in the sky out their in Schleicher (pron. "Slacker") County, including the "backbone of the night" the Milky Way! damn I miss the ranch sometimes. Charles Ray also was enlisted in the army when he was 17 years old & fought on the island of Iwo Jima w/ a .45 semi-automatic pistol & a flame thrower! He took a bullet in his right arm, & when I was a kid I would always stare at the bullet wound when we'd go swimming. When they weren't engaged in battle he was in charge of running the island store for the soldiers that sold the booze & other goodies. Naturally he gave him self a great deal on the only beer they had, Budweiser, & he would start gambling w/ the beer (& whiskey!). It's also funny to note that I have never seen my grandfather actually drunk, yet he drank Bud every day I was with him. & he's a real healthy old guy too! I don't know how he does that. Anyways, I didn't mean to throw all that out there, I was just excited to put together a list of his classic sayings.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Today I went to one of Dave's 3 hour long lectures that end up just sounding like old man background noise. I only ate food that Ness gave to me from the Bread Peddler, and after work tonight, Ness gave me some Senegalese ground nut soup w/ chicken that was really delicious. I finished my first paper about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, & now I am working on my 2nd paper due tomorrow about the first chapter (entitled American Serfs) of Joe Bageants's book about class war called DEER HUNTING WITH JESUS.

Hells Angels are really big assholes, in case you didn't realize. They have over 100 chapters throughout 29 countries. Their "criminal activity" list around the world makes incidents in the USA look like little pillow fights. They are basically the worlds largest ring of organized crime.

I have always felt like a creative person with a strange imagination, but there is something about Rorschach tests that have never fired off the right neurons in my brain. I think they are beautiful, but my mind goes blank when I try to compare them to bugs, faces, scary things, etc. and I just find myself taking in the shape of the test for what it is, not for what is in not. Am I alone on this?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

these videos all came from the video compilation by Shanachie called TIMES AINT LIKE THEY USED TO BE:

my new favorite band:

Friday, April 02, 2010

I am definitely going through an Echo & The Bunnymen phase right now, & it makes me very happy.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

we watched Dr. Strangelove in class today, & it might of been the 50th time I've seen it & definitely the best! This is one of the greatest endings in a movie ever.

& so is this:
I think if C.J.R.Doig made a music video, it would be sort of like this!