Tuesday, April 06, 2010


1. To the Hunt!

2. Top of the Morning

3. Rise and Shine

4. Go in the kitchen and bring me a “Church Key”

5. What the Horse-feathers!? (classic!!!)

6. I’ve had worse places on my eyeball (I heard this one so many times as a kid)

7. Now Lad, you better sit up and pay attention

8. Yo Ho Rinney!

9. Straighten Up and do Something Constructive

10. Get out the Camphopheneque (which is a small green bottle of rubbing medicine, it works for everything)

11. Shit, Oh Dear!

12. Your Just my Regular Little Hero!

13. It’s Just a Kids Game

14. Well, it’s called, something, is better than noth’in

15. Well Somebody’s Gotta Sacrifice

16. When I get up, Every body gets up!

17. Let the Rough Ones Ride and the Slick Ones Slide

18. Where the Farquaree?

19. It’s Neither Here nor There

20. They think I never get Tired!

21. I’m on a Fixed Income

22. Are we having fun yet...?

23. Nobody said it was going to be easy…

24. All Right! (this is said pronounced in such a way that makes it special)

25. I Must Go the Way of the Wild Goose!

26. Well, Balls!

27. Bear's Ass!

28. Tossel's to You!

The list goes on & on, but these are the sayings that I heard over & over as a kid. I used to live w/ Big Daddy every summer on the ranch, helping him do things like: manage 2 pastures worth of livestock (cattle & spanish goats), maintain his gardens, clean the troughs, eat lots of BBQ, swim in the stock tank, take the livestock to Junction, TX to sell, watch lots of John Wayne movies (he didn't need help w/ this, he even knew the Duke!), and go on "inspiration hikes" around the pastures to make sure all the deer feeders were doing alright. Obviously, we did a lot more than that but what I am trying to say is that C. R. Brazzel is one of the most influential & special people in my world. He's gonna have some weird eye surgery in Fort Worth pretty soon & I hope that goes well. All he wants to do is to get back down to the ranch. I can't blame him. You can see every single star in the sky out their in Schleicher (pron. "Slacker") County, including the "backbone of the night" the Milky Way! damn I miss the ranch sometimes. Charles Ray also was enlisted in the army when he was 17 years old & fought on the island of Iwo Jima w/ a .45 semi-automatic pistol & a flame thrower! He took a bullet in his right arm, & when I was a kid I would always stare at the bullet wound when we'd go swimming. When they weren't engaged in battle he was in charge of running the island store for the soldiers that sold the booze & other goodies. Naturally he gave him self a great deal on the only beer they had, Budweiser, & he would start gambling w/ the beer (& whiskey!). It's also funny to note that I have never seen my grandfather actually drunk, yet he drank Bud every day I was with him. & he's a real healthy old guy too! I don't know how he does that. Anyways, I didn't mean to throw all that out there, I was just excited to put together a list of his classic sayings.

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