Wednesday, July 30, 2008

since I have been away from the computer for the summer, I was late on finding out about Alex Parrish's new web log that reviews the INTERNATIONAL POP UNDERGROUND 7"'s !!! check it out!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what I watched last night for the first time:

what Old Shawn Parke send me in an e-mail today:

what I am going to see at the Theater tonight! :

Saturday, July 19, 2008

THE DARK KNIGHT really was worth waiting for...

also, here are some early 50's short films by Washington's own Harry Smith:

for the first time, I have experienced a nightmare that was not at all violent nor was I being chased... but it delved into my fear of living with a bunch of stupid people in a messy house. In my dream, this was the scariest living situation of all time. Not to mention that my cats where no where to be seen! geeze...

anyways, I am having some coffee from La Madeleine before I get ready to see Travis' buddy Max perform with his rock band from "rock camp" at the historic Ridglea Theater, an amazing old theater from the 40's that became a really nice 3 story venue sometime in the 90's which I started working at when I was Travis' age. It may be slightly surreal to visit it today.

tonight's the night! I get to see THE DARK KNIGHT at 5:55 with my little brothers. Brent Meador might come too! Benny says it's amazing....even without Ace the Bathound.

Thursday night I got to hang out in Denton, Texas and see one of Brent's bands perform at J & J's Pizzeria! they're pizza is delicious! and I also got to drink LONE STAR! at any rate, Kevin Gibbs was there...before he rushed off to see the first showing of THE DARK KNIGHT and that was rad to see him. old neighborhood homies circa 96'.

...oh also! they opened a FUZZY's taco's in Denton...and it's huge! and also highly delicious. I went to a place called Recycled Books & Records and only have 20 minutes before they closed...but I found several classics in a flash. I even found the soundtrack to BLACK ORPHEUS on vinyl! for 8 dollars!!!! and it's in perfect condition and is actually a lot weirder than I had imagined...the sounds of Carnivale sort of never stop, just like in the movie, so you have Orpheus' smooth bossa nova sounds with this constant rhythmic noise...and it's really cool...I thought that even Benny P. would like it.

last night my mom threw a party for me at her house...and the turnout of people was really something...people I hadn't seen in a very long time. I even found out that my old friend Eileen Hummel has been flying planes for 13 years now! even my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Sanchez was there...and she did a whole lot of smooshing my face all around...and I sort of felt like the main character of BRAZIL's mother in that scene where she is getting an extreme face lift....although Mrs. Sanchez did not however pull plastic wrap over my face.

I saw the Fort Worth Cats (baseball) play a game against the Wichita Wingnuts the other day. My grandmother goes to every of course we all had to check it out. They're mascot is a big black cat who drove in on a black Vespa and did a jump and immedietly started dancing and shaking his hips all over the place in like 95 degree was very impressive. the Cats won 10 to 2...which is cool I guess. It was a hell of a lot more American feelin' than my 4th of July was...which is good... mostly cause I was eating a burger from Kincaid's!!!! the original burger of my life. the most delicious burger in Fort Worth! I couldn' t believe they were at the ball game.

this a photograph my friend Curtis just sent to me. Last year Curtis and I went on some extremely adventurous trails in New Mexico...on this particular day we had gotten lost for 3 hours... and this is where we picked it up again. We were stoked...they're was not that much water to be had.

I miss those cherries from my front yard. and I miss my immediate family: Ness, Melba J., & Walter.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

spendin' this week in the Texas heat/humidity. actually I am spendin' most of this week in the cool air conditioning of my mother's house.

I have already been called gay by at least 3 people in a day and a half. and I thought for a second that I would have to fight some high school kid (in defense for my dear brother)....times are tough.

at any rate, WHAT IS THE WHAT has proven to be an excellent book thus far. I know just about everyone has read it...but if you haven' should.

I saw WALL*E with my brothers and mother was good! just like Brian Nicholson said!

ahhh dad is on my the phone! I gotta go!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

it's hard to enter stuff into the web log when you don't have a computer at home...and the summer days are finally nice.

sorry shawn.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

thanks to Analog Africa!