Tuesday, July 15, 2008

spendin' this week in the Texas heat/humidity. actually I am spendin' most of this week in the cool air conditioning of my mother's house.

I have already been called gay by at least 3 people in a day and a half. and I thought for a second that I would have to fight some high school kid (in defense for my dear brother)....times are tough.

at any rate, WHAT IS THE WHAT has proven to be an excellent book thus far. I know just about everyone has read it...but if you haven't...you should.

I saw WALL*E with my brothers and mother today...it was good! just like Brian Nicholson said!

ahhh ....my dad is on my the phone! I gotta go!

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benjamin said...

oh man! sounds crazers, homie... when do you get back to oly, dude? i might be in town on the 23rd and want to stop by k to say what's up...