Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Highly under-rated Scorsese film! Ellen Burstyn reminded me so much of my grandmother Ann Collie. This is such a beautiful story about independence & adventure.  Another one of those "how have I not seen this before" movies.

Friday, January 27, 2012


A Sikh Discovers Steve Martin

Dance-Fight to the Beat

Iguana Woman

I turned being a broke young bloke into a positive thing this past XMAS 2011! Instead of buying a bunch of garbage, I opened up my mind & made these collages for ye ole family members. I made these in Olympia, and then I made the other three in Tejas (which I didn't get to scan). Anyways, I thought I share them with you electronic strangers (& Sarah Cass & Judy B).

Thursday, January 26, 2012


PARENTS (1989)
I'll never forget seeing this film on television in North Richland Hills, Texas when I was a kid.  My Dad & I were mesmerized, but at the same time this movie scarred my adolescent brain.  I re-watched the first half the other day & was blown away by the cinematography and the dark humor.  Randy Quaid's best role.


Posturing, posturing you cut yourself shaving
Bleeding too much, please give it a rest
If you're not careful I'll grow to dislike you
Sorry to moan but it's what I do best

My head is pounding
My mind is confused
I'm sorry to ask
What do I give to lose

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I had to get the FINGERBOBS soundtrack today.  Stephie has played it so many times that it really has just become a favorite for me.  Apparently, this guy got pretty sick of making the show (he also made the music) halfway through the series, and he starts becoming kinda aggro.  Either way, what a great kids show.


Totally killer Ricky Nelson-esque tune by Ricky Scott!  Who the hell was this guy?  Love that fill when he casually says he "didn't mean it."

Thanks to Sam Nisson for addin' this to a tape for me.  Funniest part is, I just found out I have this tune on the Raging Teens: Wild New England Rock 'n' Roll LP from Norton!  The internet is always telling me what I already have.


I've been eagerly awaiting the Charline Arthur Burn That Candle LP from Bear Family Records in Germany for the past few weeks now.  CJ lent me his copy a few months ago, & it absolutely blew my mind.  Her story is amazing, & she is such a rockin' innovator!  She was the first female country singer to wear pants & western shirts, and she didn't write sweet songs about missin' her man... hell no, she jumped off amplifiers & rolled around on the ground singin' "I'm having a party, all by myself!"  Plus, she has the crazy eye!  She was apparently a big inspiration for a little guy named Elvis, whose mother would play her records for him.  Somehow no one seems to know about her, even the biggest R'n'R & Country nerds I know... except Calvin of course.  I sure never had heard of her, & I was practically raised in her back yard!  Time sweeps aside some incredible stuff.

Just can't get enough of her songs.  She had undoubtedly shot straight to the top of the charts, the charts of my mind.