Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've been eagerly awaiting the Charline Arthur Burn That Candle LP from Bear Family Records in Germany for the past few weeks now.  CJ lent me his copy a few months ago, & it absolutely blew my mind.  Her story is amazing, & she is such a rockin' innovator!  She was the first female country singer to wear pants & western shirts, and she didn't write sweet songs about missin' her man... hell no, she jumped off amplifiers & rolled around on the ground singin' "I'm having a party, all by myself!"  Plus, she has the crazy eye!  She was apparently a big inspiration for a little guy named Elvis, whose mother would play her records for him.  Somehow no one seems to know about her, even the biggest R'n'R & Country nerds I know... except Calvin of course.  I sure never had heard of her, & I was practically raised in her back yard!  Time sweeps aside some incredible stuff.

Just can't get enough of her songs.  She had undoubtedly shot straight to the top of the charts, the charts of my mind.

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