Thursday, April 30, 2009

this is Karl Blau's recipe he gave me today for his "NO KNEAD" bread... the office smells delicious today!

Monday, April 27, 2009

dear friend,

between you & me, I am going crazy. every day I am at work it just so happens to be the nicest day ever... and while I am at work the roofers are bangin' on the roof, underneath the band LAKE is re-mixing and re-mixing, and outside that damn pounding sound that comes from the pier and reverberates on the state buildings is leaking it's way into my brain. I have to go to school after this work which means the sunshine is absorbed only on the 41 bus... and I still haven't finished that paper that is due today. but I sure did have a nice weekend. the I LOVE YOU talent show was very entertaining. I am real glad that I went.

I hope to see you on a camping trip real soon.


Friday, April 24, 2009

the last 2 films I saw at the Olympia Film Society were WENDY & LUCY & THE CLASS. These were both in the slice of life/everything sucks/nothing every happens category of movies. THE CLASS was just over 2 hours of French people arguing about a bunch of bullshit. Please people... don't waste your time like I did... what I wouldn't do to get that time back... and those volunteer passes.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Special-effects wunderkind and genre master Byron Haskin (The War of the Worlds, The Outer Limits) won a place in the hearts of fantasy-film lovers everywhere with this gorgeously designed journey into the unknown. When his spaceship crash-lands on the barren wastelands of Mars, U.S. astronaut Commander “Kit” Draper (Paul Mantee) must fight for survival, with a pet monkey seemingly his only companion. But is he alone? Shot in vast Techniscope and blazing Technicolor, Robinson Crusoe on Mars is an imaginative and beloved techni-marvel of classic science fiction.

the trailer may say that it is "scientifically authentic" but these filmmakers didn't know the first thing about science... and it's amazing. Also, Adam West has a brief role... it should have been BATMAN ON MARS

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am really excited for Criterion's release of
Science Is Fiction: 23 Films by Jean Painlevé

Monday, April 20, 2009

(in memory of Benjamin Parrish)

unfortunately I spent the day inside the temple & errgreeen... but it was very, very nice out & I ate some espresso flake ice cream.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

holy mole sauce! last night Rachael M. L. made Ness & I a really great mexican dish that was covered in some magical mole sauce that comes from Centralia but is based on an authentic recipe from Oaxaca. The tofu was baked to perfection and it really reminded me of mexican food I used to eat in Texas. mmm mole sauce.

If anyone is interested, I will type up my grandfather's recipe for his basking sauce he uses for BBQ-ing... it is amazing. We call my grandfather Bigdaddy, and although he's not the biggest guy... he definitely lives up to the name. Plus, his cooking is amazing when it comes to the grill.

I am in class currently, slaving away in the computer lab on a sunny Saturday. GEE WHIZ! I did get to spend a couple of hours outside collecting data on male, female, and unknown Indian Plum trees in the stretch of forest behind the library. That was actually pretty nice.

Today I found out about Africa's tiny Antelope called DIK-DIK. They are soooo ridiculously cute.

A dik-dik, pronounced "dĭk’ dĭk", and named for the sound it makes when alarmed, is a small antelope of the Genus Madoqua that lives in the bush of East Africa, Angola and Namibia. Dik-diks stand 30–40 cm (approx 12-16 inches) at the shoulder and weigh 3–6 kg. They have an elongated snout and a soft coat that is grey or brownish above and white below. The hair on the crown forms an upright tuft that sometimes partially conceals the short, ringed horns of the male.

I also learned about an Olympia man named Scott Scurlock who was famous for wearing stage make up and earned the nickname "Hollywood". He successfully robbed 18 bank in a 4 year stint and with that money helped all kinds of people out, would buy rounds of drinks for everyone at the bars, and apparently built a super sweet tree house on Overhulse road (that is still there) that is 3 stories, has 30 windows, plumbing, kitchen, and is attached to 5 trees. He ended up getting chased down by the Police after robbing a Seattle bank and after jumping several fences killed himself. So strange... there is a supposed movie about him?
2 new (new to me) web logs of note:

Devon Tinknell -
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Apologies for not making this blog interesting to read or check on... I do have a lot to say, but it's been hard finding time. I promise I'll make a real entry soon.

for now, I am stoked on this record called Multiples by YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA... check out their video for Technopolis:

did I also mention I read ALL THE PRETTY HORSES by Cormac McCarthy and really loved it... then watched the movie and really hated it? don't even see that movie... it just inspires anger.

last night Mariella cooked us up some delicious fried chicken w/ collard greens! I got to try a fancy beer called Chemay. That reminds me I should go to that store "Gravity" and see if they carry Black Boss Porter.

I am still a bit weezy from the Bronchitis but mostly I feel great. My mom sent me a whole package of Emergen-C and I love to drink it at work. I also got some of that delicious SporTea stuff! they climbed to the top of Everest w/ that stuff!

also, I really hate my Evolutionary Ecology class... my teacher is horrible! She seems like a smart enough person... but she doesn't realize that teaching is a skill.

I haven't bought many records lately... I am real proud of myself for the restraint. Alright... I gotta get out there, out into the sunshine.

Thursday, April 16, 2009



LIVE FLESH by Almodovar

OVERLORD by Cooper