Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Got to spend some time with old buddies Benny P & CJRD last weekend when I dropped off the Chain & The Gang merch in PDX, OR.  We ate so much delicious food: taco party at Kendra Hemlock's house, Mee Sen happy hour (basil chicken wings, grasshoppers, fresh rolls, pad thai), & Santa Cruz Mexican Market (pastor tacos & asada burrito).

Cole & I enjoy a laugh together on Benny's front porch.  We even had a little jam session later that day.  What fun!

My morning reality in #9.

Bizarro Kimmswick.

Melba Jean waiting to eat some breakfast.  This is where she likes to meow and pace in circles until she gets her way. Love the lighting in this picture.  Living on the south side of the building is great, because you get all the light the PNW has to offer.

Smokey may be one of the most handsome fellas I've ever met.

Walter came to live with me when Ness moved to Kauai.  He's thoroughly enjoyed being w/ Melbers & Smackey again.  They fight, cuddle, eat, and sleep together... just like old times.

Friday, March 09, 2012


This tape was made after long nights of homework on 2 different days. I think this mix more than any other shows the bi-polar split of my mind. The first side is mostly mellow, blue, etc. & the B side is full of monster & jungle rockers, a couple of wild punk tunes, & some weirdo stuff at the end. I was excited to put 2 tracks from the first Go-Betweens record on Side A. Love this band! Hesitant to give Calvin his LP back!