Saturday, April 18, 2009

holy mole sauce! last night Rachael M. L. made Ness & I a really great mexican dish that was covered in some magical mole sauce that comes from Centralia but is based on an authentic recipe from Oaxaca. The tofu was baked to perfection and it really reminded me of mexican food I used to eat in Texas. mmm mole sauce.

If anyone is interested, I will type up my grandfather's recipe for his basking sauce he uses for BBQ-ing... it is amazing. We call my grandfather Bigdaddy, and although he's not the biggest guy... he definitely lives up to the name. Plus, his cooking is amazing when it comes to the grill.

I am in class currently, slaving away in the computer lab on a sunny Saturday. GEE WHIZ! I did get to spend a couple of hours outside collecting data on male, female, and unknown Indian Plum trees in the stretch of forest behind the library. That was actually pretty nice.

Today I found out about Africa's tiny Antelope called DIK-DIK. They are soooo ridiculously cute.

A dik-dik, pronounced "dĭk’ dĭk", and named for the sound it makes when alarmed, is a small antelope of the Genus Madoqua that lives in the bush of East Africa, Angola and Namibia. Dik-diks stand 30–40 cm (approx 12-16 inches) at the shoulder and weigh 3–6 kg. They have an elongated snout and a soft coat that is grey or brownish above and white below. The hair on the crown forms an upright tuft that sometimes partially conceals the short, ringed horns of the male.

I also learned about an Olympia man named Scott Scurlock who was famous for wearing stage make up and earned the nickname "Hollywood". He successfully robbed 18 bank in a 4 year stint and with that money helped all kinds of people out, would buy rounds of drinks for everyone at the bars, and apparently built a super sweet tree house on Overhulse road (that is still there) that is 3 stories, has 30 windows, plumbing, kitchen, and is attached to 5 trees. He ended up getting chased down by the Police after robbing a Seattle bank and after jumping several fences killed himself. So strange... there is a supposed movie about him?

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