Monday, April 28, 2008

is it normal if you sometimes wonder if getting in a fight would make you feel better? especially when your a total wuss that cries during civil rights documentaries from the 80's and have never been in a real fight before, knows no moves (except those practiced after watching really cheesy karate movies), and has a terrible spine in general? have you ever wanted to punch your dad? why? have you ever lost touch with your grandfather and then wrote him electronic mail after 8 years of silence, and for no good reason?

do you want a Tenori-On?


Brian said...

These are all pretty common feelings, which is why the movie Fight Club was a smash hit, and Evergreen had a group of people fighting at night for awhile. (Eventually too many people complained.)

I have punched my dad on several occasions. Play wrestling was the context, but there were times when I would do a lot better because I would be genuinely angry. (Other times he would do a lot better because he was genuinely drunk.)

Who I really want to punch, of course, is my stepdad, but he's the heart-attack-having type. There's also some people in Olympia I would like to punch who are of the pressing-assault-charges type.

Have you actually never been in a fight? Did you not go to public school?

(I would fight you in a minute, with no malice. Pretty much all I would need to do is take my glasses off. If they were any spectators, they would all be on your side, even if you were literally asking for it, which I think is what you're doing in code in this post.)

R. Willshire Allichester IV said...

This is kind of weird cuz me and michelle a week ago was talking fights and stuff and i told her i bet you could kick some ass. I remember that time I tried to wrestle you and you tore me a new one. I'm not the biggest guy but you were pretty tuff.

J. A. Brazzel said...

haha! that was back in the day when I was trained in the ways of half nelson's and whatnot, also my back was built better than the wildest stallion...but these days I am a broken old man. that doesn't mean that I wouldn't still wrastle ya' Ronald!

joe said...

i went to a nice little event a few weeks ago for the Tenori-On. it had live demo performances from To Rococo Rot, Pole, and a few others. the inventor gave a speech. it was free. but i was still being marketed toward! thanks Yamaha!