Monday, January 28, 2008

after all our lives were threatened by a strange man in a ball cap at Rachel & Rodrigo's art reception Saturday...I decided to maybe check something else out. so I went to Rainy Day Records & Video where I had heard a sale was happening. I ended up coming out with a 15% discount on Dust to Digital's newest publication of a double disc compilation + 144 beautiful full color pages in a little red book called VICTROLA FAVORITES. the music was compiled by two fellows from Seattle named Rob Millis and Jeffery Taylor of the band Climax Golden Twins. I believe one of them owns Wall of Sound Records. here is a link to some audio samples of the songs presented on this compilation.

all the photographs in the book are excellent and there is an especially funny old ad featuring a specific phonograph that will rid your house of all varmits. "mess free".

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