Wednesday, January 02, 2008

my visit to Texas was a strange one indeed! I played lots of Pool in the barn at Fort Dust, got to kick it with Kevin Stanford (duuuude), saw some family, played my dad's new Electric 12 String Rickenbacker through his newly rebuilt Vox Beatle Amplifier, sat down with an attorney alongside my grandparents and dad and had about 600 acres of west Texas land put into my name, went on a scenic road trip through: Del Rio, Langtry (home of Judge Roy Bean & an amazing cactus garden), Sanderson, Alpine, & Ft. Davis, and also got to spend a day at McDonald Observatory before making it back to El Paso. I will post photographs of these times in the future.

I just talked with Adam down at Rainy Day and he said they finally got my copy of Fort Worth Teen Scene Volume 3! I will finally have them all and will able to finish the story that runs throughout the liner notes. Maybe I should rent the Monte Hellman film "2 Lane Blacktop" too!

here are a few pictures I took from myDad:

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warren said...

nice shots! when did you take those?
two lane blacktop is possibly the greatest fiiilm ever made.