Monday, February 04, 2008

I suppose today is officially my last day as production manager. From now on I will be the Mailorder Dept. Supervisor / the General Manager's Assistant / part time Production "team".

last night Ness, Cole, Caroline, & myself ate open faced tofu & gravy sandwiches with yams and bell peppers and all kinds of delicious vegetables on top. then Ness & Caroline made some amazing blueberry cobbler that Tricia had frozen and given to us. She had picked them last summer at Ward Lake. Cole and I got some ice cream and it was the happiest part of my weekend.

yesterday I got a compilation I had never heard of before called ZANZIBARA: 60'S SOUND OF TANZANIA. at first it kind of struck me as sort of really nice/typical sounding afro-pop music...but then! all the amazing guitar solos starting trickling out of the speakers while I was soaking in the tub and that is actually just a really weird sentence.

so yea, that compilation is good and I also got ETHNIC MINORTIY MUSIC OF NORTH VIETNAM. I first heard this when I walked into Dumpster Values after it had closed and Warren was listening to it. It features some excellent jams and some really interesting instruments.

speaking of Warren, I saw him for a minute...with shaggy hair??? Warren, don't forget to send me the new PROBLEMS jams! and old ones too.

On Saturday Ness took some serious initiative and organized the closet! good job Ness. then we went to Racha with Caroline and had some amazing Thai Catfish. it's really too bad that this place is at the mall...I want Benny P. to try this fish. He would love it.

I am very excited about Richard West's new writing blog! if he lets me I will post a link to it in the future.

I am excited to see WAR DANCE this week at the OFS...and even THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD BLAH BLAHY BALDF. I walked into the movie while I was working yesterday and noticed a scene that happens in the original I SHOT JESSE JAMES where there is a guitarist singing a "hit" in the bar about how lousy of a person Robert Ford is, and Robert Ford is of course...right there and isn't too stoked on this being a "hit". Casey Affleck looked pretty good as a "coward".

I am going to hook up my mixer to my stereo and do a radio show-esque mix just for fun. I miss using faders. actually! this dude named Evan who works down at the record store said I could co-host with him sometime on KAOS! should be fun

also! Adam told me that Tim (dumb owner of Rainy Day) is not re-newing the lease and Adam says he might buy it! that would be sooo rad!


Brian said...

Wait, is that Evan from the record store my friend Evan Hashi, who has a radio show on KAOS and I knew was going to apply at Rainy Day? I used to live with that guy.

(In case you don't know his last name, the person I'm talking about is asian.)

Jack Napier said...

hello brian, is evan hashi. a friendly asian man who works at rainy day records on 5th ave. he does a show every other week in diana arens ex-time slot.

when are we gonna see this daisies movie at the theater?

Brent Meador said...

I want a copy of that mix. Also buddy, you should try to make a comedy album with some laugh tracks, after each joke you tell. Talk about a confidence booster. Hey!