Tuesday, March 04, 2008

so the one picture I had of my scooter was taken by the man who sold it to me and once he took it off craigslist.com it vanished from my site. here is one I took this morning parked outside of work:

I can't wait to see this DVD:

once I figure out who all these artists are that Joey C. compiled onto compact disc I will post a link to my favorite songs for all to enjoy!

here's a link to a game show called I'VE GOT A SECRET featuring John Cale

this buddy called me last night!:

we talked for over 2 hours...longest phone conversation of 2008!

I would also like to take this time to mention that last night I attended my first Film Programming meeting which had to be held at Cafe Vita...and 10 minutes before they were closing they turned up the most annoying music ever and no one could hear the person next to them and I asked "can you please turn that down a bit?" and I was told "um, we are trying to get out of here, OK!". I hate that place and their coffee fucking sucks too. We didn't really get to finish out meeting and that one lady with the silly outfit would not shut up about IN BRUGES (the dumbest looking movie ever!, plus Colin Farrell is possibly the worst actor ever...and he's ugly).

I got asked to lay out the Olympia Film Society programs which is cool...I think I'll do it. I hope I have the time and I hope I get some sort of benefit for doing it.

I have to make group lunch for all my co-workin' homies tomorrow...I guess I'll make a lot of soup...not sure what kind though.

I might go see SWEENEY TODD with Mykey tonight, although I doubt it will be very good. The trailer looks pretty bad and I still can't get over that awful remake of Willy Wonka.

In conclusion, I will just say this.

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