Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks to Brent Meador I was able to see these videos:




Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Benny P's brother Alex checking in. My son Max & I have watched a few episodes of Japanese Spiderman. Max is pretty into it. Especially saying Spiderman w/ a Japanese accent. The origin story is pretty weird. As I recall Spiderman's dad was also a spider soldier. The protagonist meets some old mystical guy who tells him about it and then he becomes the new spiderman. Also, the robot is in every episode.

Jack Napier said...

Hi Alex (& Max)! do you have some Japanese Spiderman comics that tell this story or is it all in the episodes? that sounds amazing! Spider Soldiers?! I can also imagine that Max saying "Spiderman" with a Japanese accent is highly adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joel,

It was all TV episodes on Youtube.

They might still be on Youtube if you dig deep enough. I tried to find it for you but it must be buried under a lot of garbage.

All I could find was this which you've probably come across already.

Max has a spiderman costume and whenever he used to wear it he would identify himself not as Spider-man but as "Japanese Spider-Man".

I heard the 3rd Raimi film was a dud. Maybe it just needed Tobey Maguire to fly around in a giant robot.

I don't know if Ben told you but in the fall there's going to be a collection of Japanese Batman comics from the 60's coming out.