Thursday, August 21, 2008

got poison oak, stone bruised my heel, and sliced up my finger all in the same instant! biff bang pow! they started callin' me "limpy".

anyways, I finally finished that movie "The Day of the Locust"! that is one strange fucking movie. I had no idea it would be weird at all... and Donald Sutherland's name is "Homer Simpson"! geeze, I could hardly believe the end... yikes

I saw Herzog's "Encounters at the End of the World" and it was enjoyable. There were some funny, strange, and sad moments but it overall felt lacking in comparison with his documentaries... even his really early documentary shorts had more of a style to them. I am still really happy I saw it though.

Port Townsend is a nice place. I would really enjoy visiting Fort Worden again when I can roam and explore all the trails it has to offer. Josh & Taylor's wedding was real nice and I was pretty excited to DJ at their reception, although I felt worried about my foot and I didn't know if it was fractured or what, and also a bunch of old ladies yelled at me for not playin' enough "rock and roll and disco!!!". ha!

I saw the PUNKSSS play at the State house last sunday and I am not kidding when I say that not only was it the best Punks show ever, the longest set ever, but it might of been one of the best shows of the year! This is the year for the punks


benjamin said...

can you believe we forgot to record all 3 of the punksssk shows? what the fuck?

Brian said...

Some dude was taping the Olympia show on his camera, I think.

J. A. Brazzel said...

yea what the fuck dude... those were such good jams!

everylabel said...

yeah, i got the video of the olympia show. it's 3 minutes long and the sound is pretty bad. makes us sound like a late 90s warp records glitch fest or something. maybe it will go on our remix betamax cartridge. edition of none.