Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oh man! if anyone out there is looking for a really strange kinda jangly garage rock record... check out THE BACH'S - OUT OF THE BACHS. It came to me randomly, this really bad record cover caught my eye... and it has kind of a classic record feel to it. The recording quality is pretty bad due to a recording company that hadn't ever recorded a rock n' roll band... so there is all this strange echoey voice stuff that just really sounds great.

ALSO!!! Benny told me that Vol. 2 of the GUITARS FROM AGADEZ LP series has been released! GROUP BOMBINO! I ordered it today cause I couldn't find at the record stores and there are only 1,500 copies 4 ever. I remember seeing a clip of these dudes on that DVD released last year... and it was amazing. Thanks BEN!

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