Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ben, Cole, & I checked out Davy James Sawtell Weinburg's new house before we walked over to EXILED Records (only a few blocks away!)!

Here Cole is about to purchase his 16 records
that he selected in under an hour!
very impressive!

Valentine's Day strawberries

Cole opened up the world of Mark Gormley and the Uncharted Zone!
thanks Cole. Also, make sure to check out Ken Manning.

holy shit! this band THE CAUZE is from Fort Worth, TX and the lead singer is Brent Meador's cousin! he's the steamy guy in a white suit and has a perm. wait, they all have perms.

today at work, Todd told me about this lady whose hair was weaved so tightly, that when her crazy boyfriend took a shot at her with a .40 caliber pistol ...
her weave hair stopped the bullet from penetrating her skull!

I also got to see Shea Solomon & Ryan VanderHoff...
2 dudes I haven't seen since my days at Richland High.

that reminds me... has anyone ever seen BILLY JACK?
cause Ryan V. really likes that movie...
and I have always been intrigued by the cover.

In other news, I am gonna DJ at QB tomorrow. Not really sure what to expect... but I wish I was DJ-ing at TIGA in Portland... cause that place has the most delicious food ever in a bar... plus they have Black Boss Porter, my most favorite beer ever. ....thanks B.P. I had a really nice time in Portland this past weekend... soaking at the Kennedy school was cool. & the Portland Trailblazers game was extremely memorable. I might even go again if I had the chance to attend w/ some buddies.

gotta start working on that homework!

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The Bat-Hombre said...

Ben needs to get a haircut. Don't go freakfolk on me, bro.