Saturday, May 02, 2009

I started watching De Grassi Junior High Season 1 after Ness got it from the library. Hands down the best kids show about growing up ever.

Wow! My little brothers got out of school for 2 weeks because Fort Worth I.S.D. is the first school district to shut down cause of the Swine. Did you hear that on Wednesday, Egyptians slaughtered 300,000 pigs? I didn't know until yesterday the flu was passed from birds to pigs to humans!

I got these 2 re-issues on VINYL! I am so excited... I have been waiting for the Melody Nelson LP for a couple of years... and Live at the Old Quarter is my favorite Townes recording. I highly recommend renting this old VHS at Rainy Day which is the movie that coincides w/ the story of Histoire de Melody Nelson. It tells the story of this funky concept record that is doesn't have too many twists. Basically Serge hits Jane Birkin on her bike w/ his car... then they fall in love and get it on. But the movie's effects and back drops are hilarious.

WOW! Yesterday I finished cutting the lawn and making it look nice and it looks so nice. Mark built a little roof for his outdoors work area which will look really nice when he gets the gravel out of his dead truck. Once Ness got home from work we got to make the rows for our gardens and plant all the seeds! Beets, Kale, Peas, Greens, Squash etc.

then I got all the makings for some burgers and we grilled 'em up outside. It was amazing! Ness made some really great sweet potato fries and there was an excellent homemade dressing on the salad. Later Mark brought some chicken to throw on the grill and Rachael brought a Beet - Potato salad. We all sat around the campfire... and for me at least... it was a highly successful May Day. What is May Day anyways? We were wondering last night.

a young Susan Boyle. this blew my mind last night after the campfire. I don't really care about who's got talent in Britain.. but I can't believe how epic this song is.

clear cut - pioneer spp.
100 year old - stumps, accumulate spp./retain pioneer
near streams - wet/dry sites
early vs. mid succession
In science and engineering, a log-log graph or log-log plot is a two-dimensional graph of numerical data that uses logarithmic scales on both the horizontal and vertical axes. Because of the nonlinear scaling of the axes, a function of the form y = axb will appear as a straight line on a log-log graph, in which b will be the slope of the line and a will be the y value corresponding to x=1. These graphs are useful when the parameters a and b need to be estimated from numerical data, and can also be used to estimate the fractal dimension of a naturally occurring fractal.

Secondary succession is one of the two types of ecological succession of plant life. As opposed to primary succession, secondary succession is a process started by an event[1] (e.g. forest fire, harvesting, hurricane) that reduces an already established ecosystem (e.g. a forest or a wheat field) to a smaller population of species, and as such secondary succession occurs on preexisting soil where as primary succession usually occurs in a place lacking soil. A harvested forest going back from being a cleared forest to its original state, the "climax community" (a term to use cautiously), is an example of secondary succession. Each stage a community goes through on its way to the climax community in succession can be referred to as a "seral community."

Simply put, secondary succession is the succession that occurs after the initial succession has been disrupted and some plants and animals still exist.

Our Hypotheses:
1) NO Trees VS. Young Trees
2) streams
3) young trees VS. Evergreen

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