Thursday, May 28, 2009


when I was down south Rainy Day sold out of this record in a day... but I finally got to pick up a copy today! Dude, this cover is awesome... I don't care what anyone says.

Last night I watched DONT LOOK BACK again, damn that's an entertaining movie.

this afternoon, I borrowed the lawnmower from Bill & Heather before they away forever... and I got to admit... it's looking prettay... pretty... ... pretty good.

now I got to write my final paper on firefly's! can't wait for this class to be over with.


bp baggins said...

tyvek album cover is one of my top 10 covers of all time. so fucking amazing. joel, remember the wolverine looking guy who played a show in the bathroom at dinerhouse and bled all over the place? he made the cover! who would have guessed...

J. A. Brazzel said...

holy shit! how could I forget, that was somewhat traumatizing. wow, what a strange little world.