Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I had a surprise visit from Jack Maxwell Buren & Brent Coleman Meador yesterday! Brent brought a copy of GRAN TORINO and we made Jack watch it cause he was sure that it would be god awful... but I am pretty sure he ended up loving it. He even said "I can not wait to get home and show this to Ryan!" what a funny movie! what funny guys! I've known B. Meador for almost 15 years! it's so different when talking with these buddies, & in the way we relate, it's almost like it has nothing has changed... which is super special. Maybe it's similar senses of humor? I don't know. Here they are hangin' tough with our yard dude... who I think Jack was actually frightened by.

I think this trailer looks kinda cheesy, but the concept for this movie is really great.

DJ-in' at Sage's on Rogers was a lot of fun & Cole Doig's family & Mykey Arthrell's family were both there too! Sage made me delicious breakfast scramble & a chicken taco for lunch that was super gourmet. If I do it again I'll have to install some speakers around the ceiling though. Afterwards, I got pretty sick on Saturday and didn't really do much.

There are way too many salad greens at my house right now! I think a team lunch at work is in order!

Also, be on the lookout for a...
SUMMER 2009!!!

(there will be an animated gif)

oh, tonight at Northern will be Full Red, XMAS, & Thee Oh Sees!

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