Sunday, July 12, 2009

Melba Jean, picking out records to spin for our guests last night... she really seemed to like Speaking in Tongues by TALKING HEADS.

I really wish Ben Parrish were here last night to try these mangos & dates wrapped in bacon + these grilled eggplants w/ mediterranean style topping w/ tomatoes, feta, etc. so delicious! NEVER FORGET!

Yesterday, Ness & I took a bike ride out to Grass Lake and we found these really spacey orange flowers. This picture is out of focus, but I really need to find out what these are called and plant them everywhere! If you know, leave a comment. Kendra, I'm looking at you (w/ my cyber-glasses).

In the garden, we currently have some delicious sweet peas & collard greens that are ready to eat. The salad greens had to be pulled up because they were all starting to flower, we just couldn't eat enough salad! Coming up we'll have some beets, carrots, kale, squash, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes, basil, sweet peppers, and jalapeno peppers!

On Friday night we watched REVOLUTIONARY ROAD w/ Leo and Kate Winslet... I wanted to see it cause I read the book in my 50's class... and the movie was boring and poorly acted. Then last night we watched this Ridley Scott film called BLACK RAIN w/ Michael Douglas. I thought it would be awesome cause you know, BLADE RUNNER & ALIEN are amazing... but that movie sucked too.

This morning I woke up to the loudest thunder ever! I totally didn't realize what it was at first, and then I realized that it was the first time I had ever heard thunder in the North West. For an instant, I thought I was in Texas when I woke up... whew!


Kendra said...

Tiger Lilies! native to the northwest! Latin name Lilium columbianum. Do they look like this?:

J. A. Brazzel said...

thanks buddy! I just found out by looking them up in the PLANTS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST COAST hand guide. I don't know why I had never noticed them before. Have you found any flowers native to the NE that you really like yet?

Kendra said...

yeah, they are pretty rad! There are chocolate lilies out at Burfoot and avalanche lilies up on Rainier. No specific flowers yet, but an amazing mystery tree, coolest leaves ever!!! I guess I'll have to post a photo.