Thursday, October 08, 2009

THE THING (1982)
Directed by John Carpenter

This is just one of those movies I don't know how I missed until now. I really want to see the original film made by Howard Hawks (I didn't even know he did sci-fi!) called THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. Apparently, in Hawks' version, the Thing doesn't imitate other life forms, rather duplicates several clones of itself!

Dir. H. Hawks

This story comes from a novella from the 30's called Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, which J. Carpenter made his film faithful to. THE THING didn't do well in theater's due to the fact that it came out the same time as Spielberg's E.T. the EXTRA TERRESTRIAL. Bummer. Also, THE THING is the first in Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy ... followed by PRINCE OF DARKNESS & MOUTH OF MADNESS. I must see them all.

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wa said...

both movies are great. that carpenter/morricone soundtrack is fantastic!


-mr. lee

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