Monday, November 02, 2009

This is Smokey. I adopted him from Sarah Cass, who basically rescued 3 kitties who were malnourished and eager for love from loving humans. Sarah & Joel A. D. could not keep all 3 kittens in their adorable little love shack and noted that our house would be purrrfect for a kitty in need. I was hesitant, but after one little cuddle encounter I decided to bring him over for a visit to see how he liked it, & he immediately ran around, fell asleep, and seemed right at home. How could I say no? Look at this little dude! Could you say no?

Benny P. came up for Halloween/Tyvek times (which was awesome) and he suggested that Smokey would be a good name for a little gray fluffy guy and after I saw the KOKO & SMOKEY poster at Christina's it just seemed like the right thing to do. Here's that Koko & Smokey poster...

we also really wanted to name him Alfred Pennyworth.

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