Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I recently got into HOT DICE / FARKEL and found a travel set for $7 at Wind Up Here. Mykey introduced me to this game, yet Ilya is encouraging me to turn this into a gambling kind of game to make it a bit more interesting.

Here's Mr. Ilya M******'s thoughts on FARKEL:

"the cosmic significance though, i fully believe in that. there's a certain zen aspect to the rolling of the dice, as well as the cruicial strategy of deciding whether or not to keep pushing your luck with each subsequent roll or to just end your turn and potentially let the next roller capitalize on your score (or roll your "karmically tainted" dice and lose their turn!).

theres a strong 'trust your gut' factor at play as well. you learn your limits, as well as the limits of your good fortune, as well as whats ethical and whats unethical. you rarely roll a score you don't in some way deserve. do not toss the dice in the wrong frame of mind, or with the wrong intentions. respect the game and it will respect you. beware: dont let this knowledge lull you into a sense of 'zen complacency', as the lazy are always eventually punished.

in farkle, as in life, both the human propensity for greed and the capacity for infinite patience are tested with very real consequences. only the strong and benevolent of spirit and mind will succeed in the long run."

"if you really wanna make it 'interesting' start putting up money for each game. like everyone throws in a dollar and plays for the whole pot. then, smoke some pot to imbue each dice roll with cosmic significance. there are no coincidences in farkle. justice is not blind. she's just resting her eyes."

who wants to play for money money????

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