Wednesday, February 03, 2010

by Benjamin (duh)

Something very strange just happened. I had been suffering through a good sized migraine since seminar yesterday at 4 p.m. all the through the night and until I got to work had started organizing e-mails and responding to people's problems... when BANG!... de ja vu hit me like an avalanche. It wasn't exactly de ja vu though, it was a memory from a dream that I had 3 years ago... I am sitting at my desk, writing e-mails, eyes scanning the surroundings, and in the dream something very different happens after this, a very big change in my life. I don't think I'm a nostradamus or anything like that, but I do have these future dreams that always give me the willies and they're always about the most boring shit. Maybe, if I can just open my mind up to use it full potential it'll be just like that Christopher Walken movie the DEAD ZONE. which is an excellent movie by the way (Patrick Lang's favorite). but in the end he dies because he has a brain tumor or something. I'd rather just drown. geeze, dark afternoon. I could use some sunshine, exercise, and a fucking delicious burger today.

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