Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the INDEX s/t LP I have been trying to get a copy of forever was finally obtained today! by me! this re-issue on DC records sounds sooooo good. I wanna listen to it forever. It was recorded by a few punks from Grosse Pointe, MI in 1967 w/ one microphone. I asked Ness if she could tell when this record was released and she said "maybe early 90's or more recently?"

& that's not a bad guess.


bp baggins said...

i'm waiting for this to come in the mail right now. hopefully it happens before my dj set tomorrow!

braidedbraids said...

Joel, this is jammy like the pajama game- really good!

J. A. Brazzel said...

have fun jockeying discs Ben! one time I got my Mike T. 12" Single in the mail from England on the day I was DJ-ing at that taco place downtown and it made me freak out w/ joy. I was freakin'. I love good timing.
Kendra! hey buddy! I miss you pal. what's the pajama game??? I need more jams. I'm jam hungry. are you about to graduate???

braidedbraids said...

Well, the pajama game is a Doris Day film about a pajama factory. It just sounded right in the moment.

& I am almost done with school!!! Only five more weeks. I have some pretty golden summer plans in the works, & I'll keep y'all posted!

how about a jam sandwich?

nick said...

do you have a link for a distro I can buy this reissue from? the only thing i could find online was an 80s reissue that was 45 bucks, would love to grab this

J. A. Brazzel said...

hey Nick,

I got the LP at Rainy Day records in Olympia.. they have another copy there... I had trouble finding the LP online (ebay prob. has it) but here's a link to a label that re-issued 3 of their albums on CD: http://www.lionproductions.org/all.html#INDEX

if you want me to pick the copy that Rainy Day has just let me know!

- JB

nick said...

that would be really cool, I have to get my paypal account functioning again first

my email is trophywife138@gmail.com, I guess if you see the record next time you're in there shoot me an email

thanks dude