Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My friend Tatiana at the food co-op lent me this book by Diane Ackerman called The Moon by Whale Light & it is amazing. I read the first chapter called In Praise of Bats which gives you the run down of all the things you didn't realize about bats, or maybe you did, and then she goes on to talk about sweet adventures around the world in search of rare bats. I have to stop reading though because school has started & now I have 3 books that I need to really get into. I've already started The Portable 60's Reader & today I picked up a copy of Deer Hunting with Jesus (which is supposed to be really entertaining!). But I am sad because Ackerman's book is soooo interesting, the rest of the book is all about crocodiles, penguins, and whales!

Speaking of whales, here's a classic Carl Sagan clip:

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