Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I saw THE EXPENDABLES tonight w/ Ange & Mykey & let me tell you... that was one violent movie! They spent all their budget on big name actors and forgot to hire a screen writer. It seemed like Sylvester was making up everyone's lines on the spot. The bad guy in the end is yelling at Sly and he says "Why did you come after me!? I could have paid you twice as much as they are paying you.... to go fishing!!!" BAHAHAHA I was mildly impressed w/ the way the movie captured an 80's Action movie vibe, but that didn't last long as soon as the huge black dude who only used a tommy-gun-esque shotgun that fired a zillion rounds a minute blew everyone's CGI head off. It was definitely far better than RAMBO 4, which scarred my brain w/ horrible imagery. Anyways, Sylvester is still cool in my book.

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