Saturday, August 07, 2010

I saw the only available print of this film, THE 8TH DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER at the OFS last night & it was beautiful. The song in the trailer is NOT in the movie. One of the main actors died during the production of the film, and as a result this is the darkest Kung-Fu film I've ever seen. The guy from Portland who found the reels (and reels for 200 other Shaw Brothers films) in the Shaw Theater, under the stage, in Vancouver BC was there talking about this movie and the process of storing and keeping these & other Kung-Fu, exploitation, & grindhouse movies preserved in a warehouse in Texas. The folks who run the Alamo Draft House in Austin started a non-profit org. to keep these films for any theater that might want to see them.

I also really want to see this other Shaw Brothers film THE MYSTERY OF CHESS BOXING which features the hero Ghostface Killer! They have it on Netflix!

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