Monday, October 18, 2010

I feel like shit. 2 weeks ago I went to the hospital and had some blind guy take a blade and cut out some glass or a rock or some shit directly out of the center of my right heel. I told him I didn't think it was fixed and he just handed me the blade and told me to be careful and that was it. Flash forward! 2 days ago I am still limping around on this heel and then I notice I have a splinter in the other foot just beneath my 2 toe. Good thing I have that fancy "gettin' shit outta your foot" blade! So I start shavin' off skin and sure enough that tiny stick pops right out... but whoops I think I went too far. I must have severed about 2 million nerves and every time I step on it it feels like all my toes are broken. Oh yea, and I tried to cut at that original spot on the heel for some time and now walking in general is a real drag. Running doesn't much bother me though, although I haven't run in almost a week because I got sick last Wednesday and the cold, damp air just isn't working with my lungs right now.

When I got home from work today around 5:15pm I started reading 3 articles and writing responses to them, as well as editing my final draft on my paper about DR. STRANGELOVE. What a great movie.

Last week I was listening to Rock 'n' Roll w/ Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers non-stop. What a comforting, fun, and beautiful record. I especially enjoy "South American Folk Song," "The Sweeping Wind," "Summer Morning," & of course "Egyptian Reggae." Listening to Jonathan Richman reminds me of cruisin' w/ Ange. I feel like I am heading up Mt. Rainier when I hear "You Can't Talk to the Dude." A while back Ben Kapp was talking about being Jonathan Richman for the Night of the Living Tribute Bands! Do it Ben! Give me a reason to go!

At the very top of this post is a movie poster for the early 80's Psych-Black Magic Kung Fu film BOXER'S OMEN. I just go it from Netflix. Thanks Joey Casio. I am currently listening to "Temptation" on the used copy of Susbstance 1987 that I bought on ebay last week. It sounds so good, and it's making me feel pretty nostalgic.

Also, Ness & I are in the middle of the 7th season of Seinfeld & it's blowing my mind! Best show ever? I really want to read this book from '93 called SEINLANGUAGE! HAHA Jerry. His real name was Jerome. Haha. What a funny guy.

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Anonymous said...

i just remembered how psyched i was to borrow seinlanguage from the library when i was like 12 or 13. 9-fucking-3. thank you. -im