Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Currently writing an essay on Mishima's first novel Confessions of a Mask, although it's hard to get started because it is so nice today. I went and got 3 tacos + a Mexican Coke and biked around enjoying the cool fall air & a million brightly colored leaves were swirling all around the streets.

I like this bizarre cover from what looks like a 70's re-press of Confessions... where Yukio Mishima (that's actually him) is posing like Guido Reni's painting of St. Sebastian. In the novel, Kochan (who is basically Mishima) is obsessed w/ this painting of St. Sebastian and that's when his "bad habit" begins. It's when his homo-erotic fantasies about youth go crazy. It's so strange that after Mishima committed seppuku his family completely denied that he was a homosexual... I mean it's a little obvious. That's like saying Batman loves crime, when we all know that Batman hates crime!

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