Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today in class we watched VERTIGO, which is one of my favorite movies. The Bernard Herrmann score was so loud and watching it this time gave me a really strong feeling of anxiety, it might have been the best viewing I've ever had of this movie. I also realized I had missed a couple of key elements to the story from previous viewings... this movie is so deep!

Anways, after I got home from class Ange & I went running at Grass Lake as it was beginning to get dark at around 4:30. It was cold & rainy and the trail was overgrown & it was the first time I have run in the rain in my sandals and I could really feel them taking shape to my feet which was nice.

I just picked up a chuck eye steak which I will marinate w/ Big Daddy's special family (secret) marinade! I am also going to experiment with blending my famous pico de gallo recipe, instead of mincing it. Should make it a lot faster!

I am really stoked because this Sunday night I am finally going to get a chance to see The HALO BENDERS perform! I wonder if they'll play any new songs?

Tomorrow night is the HORNET LEG record release party in Olympia & I am about to start dubbing tapes for Robert Komets. Tomorrow night is also going to be the Kung-Fu double feature presented by that dude from Portland, OR of Grindhouse cinema, who recently showed THE 8TH DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER a few months back. Oh shit! By the way, MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE was amazing.

Also I just noticed in this poster on the bottom for VERTIGO, it shows Scottie choking Judy which never happens in the film! Why would they make that up? Have all of my friends seen this movie?

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