Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Surprisingly Good!"

In the past few days, Formo & I have gone to the movies.
Last Friday we saw TRON LEGACY in "Real D" 3D, my first "new" 3D movie, and it was pretty fun. So much better than I had expected, especially cause I am such a big fan of the 1st TRON movie. Here we have Daft Punk in a promo shot. They have a great scene DJ-ing in a party scene.

Tonight we saw THE FIGHTER, David O. Russell's first film since I HEART HUCKABEES. It was the true story of Micky Eklund & his older brother Dicky who had knocked down (or he may have slipped?) Sugar Ray Robinson. Christian Bale kind of stole the show, but Mark Wahlberg definitely brought it. The best part of the movie were the 7 Eklund sisters. It was a really interesting portrayal of Lowell, MA too.

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