Friday, January 14, 2011

Here we have Teezy, Olympia's coolest lady & #1 Volunteer at the Olympia Film Society. This night was actually the night when Ness & I walked out of the film HOWL, starring James Franco... it was just so bad. There's a reason the trailer doesn't include all the horrible animation.

These other pictures are of Nisqually Bird Refuge on New Years Day 2011.


braidedbraids said...

I ran into Teezy in Brooklyn once at a farmer's market. She used to work at the Strand in the 70s/80s with no-wavers! She's a good presence at ofs.

J. A. Brazzel said...

Totally, Teezy is the oldest/coolest punk I know. When she went to Indonesia a couple years ago she sent me such a nice postcard. Oh, I have this great picture of her that captures a weird expression/gesture that highly resembles her goat Sally. It's really cool. I'll upload that one soon.

braidedbraids said...

oh, Sally!!! Did Sally pass on to the next world?