Thursday, February 16, 2012


This film by Ross McElwee is actually titled Sherman's March: A Meditation on the Possibility of Romantic Love In the South During an Era of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation. This captures many of my favorite styles of documentary film making in the vein of Louis Malle (his docs), Chris Marker, & Jeremy Marre. The twist of this film being loosely based on General William Tecumseh Sherman's famed March to the Sea, gives it a very 80s sensibility of VA & SC that shows the perspective & reactions to the slightest mention of Sherman in the area. I'm constantly amazed at McElwee's ability to adapt to different circles, always filming, and always so very matter of fact (with a hint of playfulness). He kind of reminds me of my old buddy Jimmy.  At the moment I can really relate to where he is in his life, recently broken-hearted & curious about what is next.  Anyways, this is actually not a "trailer," but the first couple minutes of the film. It's streaming on Netflix.  I'm so happy my friend Kate told me about it.  Apparently my bud Adam (who's from VA) has some nerdy VHS tape copy of a movie that is all about a crazy character in this movie named Charlene.  What a quotable film!

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