Thursday, June 26, 2008

I just got this movie in the mail, I can't wait to watch it! It seems like the only way to watch Bollywood films is to just buy them off the electronic bulletin board. Anyone interested in watching this with me??? Maybe a special screening at the Capitol, in a late night stylee?

Speaking of secret screenings at the theater...who wants to watch the directors cut of
BLADE RUNNER with me at the Capitol?

I have been enduring a summer sickness for the past week and a half now, and I am also worried that I have broken my toe. Not much I can do about it though. Here are some photos I had developed yesterday:

this is a man who is traveling from Columbia. I took a picture of him as I was crossing Capitol Way & he stopped my, shook my hand, pulled out a handwritten scrap of paper with his Seattle address on it, and then told me to mail him the photograph I just took. He then pulled out the biggest Bible ever and opened it to a page that had another photo of him that someone had taken and mailed to him. Although that picture was very pixelated and I could only tell it was him by the signs he was holding.

Last week the Langs came to visit! It was good fun, except everyone but these 2 got sick. David (pictured here) stayed with us for several days and helped us paint our new bedroom pink!

last Saturday we had a BBQ...and Ian Picco was in attendance! He came by unexpectedly on his brand new Honda NIGHTHAWK (pictured here). That had to be the funniest moment of the day. I also told him that these were the "toughest pictures I had ever taken", and he agreed.

Last night my buddy Brian Formo brought over his "netflixed" DVD copy of BREAKIN'! the movie itself was pretty bad, but highly enjoyable. Here's a real nice scene from the movie:

that little bad ass kid is called "Baby Legs" & make sure to wait for the 4:45 mark...that guy with those brace - crutch things has some amazing moves! also there is a Jean Claude Van Damme cameo ...and he doesn't do anything!

You also might of noticed the new header to the web log. It features Melba Jean wearing a bat cape! That was a birthday present, hand made by Caroline Rideout! Melba's never been happier.

I got to DJ at this really great art show that Ness put together on the 14th of June. There was some really good stuff and it really worked all together...which is uncommon in Olympia. I wish I had a scan of that flyer Ness made so I could post it is rad.

speaking of RAD...does anyone own a DVD copy of that movie???

I got the new Charlie Feathers LP that Norton just released of a bunch of demos and un-issued's really sweet, as well as this really great comp of West African music recorded in Britain from 1927-29 called LIFE IS HARD. I can't believe the abundance of great African music re-issues these days. I am really glad that Mississippi finally re-issued their first African comp. LOVE IS LOVE. I know Ian was stoked to get that!

Tonight is the show Mariella is putting on as a fundraiser for the Olympia All Ages Non-Profit Venue she is starting! it's gonna be Earth, Jesse Sykes, and Son!

I've just been working around the house lately: yard work, painting, moving, eating, and sleeping...feelin' very domestic lately.

I am sad that buddies Cole & Caroline are moving away... but more buddies are movin' to the North West soon . . . so that's always good news.

oh yea, Cole gave me this super bizarre album called You Think You Really Know Me by Gary Wilson . . . and for some reason I really like it! Ness absolutely hates it... but I think it's the humor that tops it off. He's the funniest singer and the sound of all the instruments combined just makes it something amazing. I couldn't find a real video...but here's the song with some weird Swedish dude dancing to it:

also, Joey Casio gave me a copy of this really groovy album called From The Hip by Section 25 . . . :

oh man.... that new Rambo movie...SUCKS!!!! what a bummer. ah well.

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