Thursday, June 05, 2008

what a week! I was able to finish up all my final project / self eval. / display stuff for my last day of class yesterday (minus the evaluation meeting next week) and I put a lot of work into it and feel good about that. lots to do at work today on top of rustlin' up money for rent from everyone. I had the worst morning ever:
  1. overslept by an hour & had a terrible nightmare
  2. while showering I noticed Melba on the ledge of the bath tub, so I knelt down to poke her nose through the shower curtain and as I stood up very quickly my lower back/butt caught the water faucet and gave me a good amount of pain.
  3. I went to pour myself some coffee after doctoring my wound...and when I opened the sealed jar of sugar...there were 50 million ants crawling in it!!! ewww
  4. also, it was raining out and the weather seems like it is supposed to be February again! WTF?
  5. summer????
alright, enough complaining.
I found this record at Rainy Day today:

It's a new Mississippi Records release of an excellent Skip James session from 1931. I realized that I actually had all these recordings on compact disc...but they sound better on LP anyhow.

In other news, I recently watched RAD for the first time, and believe me, it lives up to it's name. It's also funny that Jeremy got inspiration for a couple songs from this movie: Airwalker & Breaking the Ice.

Yesterday in class I heard of this place called Norma's off of Martin Way. They have a pretty amazing list of burgers...I hear the John Wayne burger is delicious. who wants to go? here's a review by Portland Hamburgers (which it looks like Ben has commented on).

Speaking of Hamburgers, I wish I could do this:

Speaking of going...I want to go to the Fabulous Diamonds / Psychedelic Horseshit / Times N. V. house show in Portland this Sunday...anyone want to go to that??? please?

Oh, I forgot to mention that last week Jeremy was in town and we recorded a song with Calvin! it was really fun and turned out great! I was on the drums and it was interesting to be apart of the recording process. Jeremy kept telling me to make the hi-hat as tight as possible to get the perfect click.

alright, now I am going to Patty's art show at the space Ness always rents out and Gumar will be spinnin' some jams!

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Brian said...

dude i will order the shit out of a John Wayne burger. I would order the bleu cheese burger but I think doing that while there with just one other dude would get me branded a fag.

We should watch The Searchers or something before we go. (I've never seen it.)