Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ness & I have been sick for days now... ugh, this has got to stop. I pretty much had the same thing on XMAS when I was in South Deerfield, MA. I have woken up 4 times now in a cold sweat and my dreams have been somewhat psychedelic due to the temperature of my brain. Anyways, Ness and I went to Target yesterday so she could get a dress before it was too late and they were all sold out. Luckily, they were not sold out, and they also had a DVD for sale that was a 2 for 1! FOOTLOOSE & FLASHDANCE! for $7! At any rate, we watched FOOTLOOSE last night and I hadn't seen it since I was probably 7 or 8...and it's a pretty great movie! John Lithgow plays a conservative preacher that initiates ridiculous laws in their small community like NO DANCING! oh shitt!!! Bacon brings it. I also heard from Mykey today that Kevin Bacon's son works at that restaurant on Red Square called the Flaming Eggplant. He must of served me those fritter fratters at some point!

we haven't watched FLASHDANCE yet, but while we (Ness & I) were in Massachusetts, Emma showed us this really bad Jennifer Lopez music video that basically rips off this FLASHDANCE movie scene for scene and then J-LO denied ever seeing the movie at all.

so I got into this French & Japanese Media Studies class and the first movie we're watching is SPIRITED AWAY. I am not pleased. I am especially not pleased to read a 20 page essay on the most successful Japanese box office hit either. I have tried watching it a few times, and I have never finished it... and that's weird cause I have finished a lot of bad movies. Not that this movie is bad, it's just not my thing. In fact I am pretty sure most people disagree with me and think this movie is a masterpiece or something. Anyways, I am really stoked to watch DOUBLE SUICIDE with my class. I love this movie and I am really interested in hearing what Tomoko Ulmer has to say!

oh yea, has anyone reading this ever seen CRAZED FRUIT? I love this movie and I wish my class was going to watch this. Ness is actually the only other person I know who likes it... but maybe you will too?

oh man, today at the Westside Coop... there was a new cashier who looked like a good old boy football player maybe around age 19... and he was so polite and actually rung up the entire list of items I was buying without making a mistake! WOW! and then this other Coop dude brought him a "Guava Goddess" flavored Kombucha (you know, the pink one) and I was all "Hey man, what do those taste like?" and he say "gooooood" and I was all "but what does it taste like?" and he say "here try it!" and I say "no thanks I sick" and he looks at me for a moment and he say "I DON'T GET SICK" and opens the bottle and hands it to me! this lady in line behind me was shocked and made some remark about bringing him home?? long story short, the pink Kombucha is goooooood.

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