Saturday, March 28, 2009

oh shit, I have been so very sick for the past few days with what seems to be mash-up of the classics: fever, flu, & strep throat. If you're reading this Kendra H. ... thank you soooo much for the crystal orb and mix CD!!! it truly made me feel a lot better.

this is the "Shape-shifting Prada Transformer Building"

"Transformer will be built from a steel framed tetrahedron skinned in a plastic membrane. The tetrahedron is framed by four shapes: A hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle. Depending on the activity, whether staging a fashion show or showing a movie, the pavilion will be lifted, rotated on its axis, and put back down. For instance, when a movie is being shown, the floor will be the rectangle. When the fashion show is on, the cross might be more appropriate to accommodate a runway, and so on." -

TWENTY FOUR EYES won best picture in 1954 beating Kurosawa's SEVEN SAMURAI

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