Sunday, May 17, 2009

I was always a big fan of Doris Day's love ballads and the romantic comedies she starred in... but I never realized she was such a strong force for animal rights activists. But I also never knew that she had 39 films to her credit, over 75 hours of television and is one of the most prolific recording artists in history...having recorded over 650 songs! She is currently the top ranking female box-office star of all time according to the annual Quigley Publishing poll's "All-Time Number One Stars".

here Doris is accompanied by Les Brown & his orchestra sometime mid-40's singing the classic Lost Horizon.

so last night I was kickin' it w/ Aaron Larsen and he asked me if I had ever see THE LONELY GUY starring Steve Martin from the late 70's post The Jerk. I had never even heard of this movie and here's the first scene I found of it on the youtube ... I must watch this movie.

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The Bat-Hombre said...

This is a really good movie. Even with those Beethoven movies I give Charles Grodin a free pass because of this one.

Have you seen Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid? I think that & The Jerk are my fave. S. Martin movies.