Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here are a few photos from today's field study. As you can see, it was very boring. We all stayed around our individual group 2 x 2 meter plots that were interspersed w/ sunflowers and grass, awaiting the arrival of the bumblebee. When it flew into our plot we were supposed to track it's course measuring time of pollination per flower, angle it used to get to the next flower, etc. & then we spent 4 hours in the "mac lab".... while it was sunny out! that pissed me off.

Luckily Mykey came over after I got a fresh juice at Kim & Jen's. It was the first day to re-open their juice/popsicle stand and it was delicious. We played frisbee and this crazy boxer dog was so stoked about chasing the frisbee that he ended up knocking out my legs from under me while I was mid jump... similar to a football tackle... and I hit the ground hard! That was really funny.

We headed down to the Northern to see the Old Time Relijun show.... and after a while I went and hung out w/ Aaron "Big Chips" Larsen and we got irie mon. Then I realized I was tired from only 4 hours of sleep due to seeing the band Christmas at Grandma's House and then having to get up a 7 in the a.m.! I found myself not moving at all to the Old Time Relijun grooves and I knew I was too tired to stay. As I was walking home the band Brilliant Colors was just about to start playing at the Pizzeria but the only bus going home was about to leave and I did not want to experience regrets tonight. Damn it! I would have liked to see them though.

Apparently I will be helping Mykey gets some 3 month old chicks for his new coop that he built! That will be pretty wholesome.

I think I should also mention something that just happened. My friend Vince who doesn't live in Olympia just showed up at my door, obviously to my surprise, and said he was just stopping by because he just found a dead cat on the road w/ out a collar and the cat looked just like Melba J. Luckily Melba J. just finished her dinner and is doing better than ever! We were both relieved to know that she is still one of the top felines alive today! Congrats Melbers! Also, it's nice to know that I have a friend who not only looks out for me, but also my cat. thanks Vince.

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