Saturday, May 16, 2009

Melanie V. reminded me of this great video that Warren Lee showed to me a couple of years ago. So classic. It be interesting to finally see that documentary about these ladies.

Like always, it is so sunny outside and I have to be at Saturday school. I took off of work on my b-day but it was really rainy and gray... but Ness & I had a nice time eating delicious food and takin' it easy.

Ness is already in Oaxaca w/ R.M.Lang and I am leaving Tuesday for West Texas to hang out with my Dad & Grandparents. and possibly Dev Dog?

I am currently struggling with deciding on what class to take for fall quarter. Not a lot is calling my name and I know I need a break from the sciences. Perhaps I can make an action movie! There is actually already a screen play in the works (in our minds) and yea... that could be cool!

Tonight I am gonna go see Old Time Relijun at Northern's first show ever. Congratulations to Mariella, Dirk, Formo, and all those other folks who made it happen!

what a BAD DOG!

this frisbee trick rules

Brilliant Colors are playing at Old School tonight and are recommended highly by B. P. but I would feel really bad if I missed the first show at my boss' new venue. Maybe I'll travel back and forth?

geeeeeze.. I want to go home soooo badly. Too bad Brent couldn't make it up this weekend... I got a feeling I might not see him all summer. bummer summer.

I wish I was in Oaxaca.

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J. A. Brazzel said...

after others on the electronic bulletin board noticed and then pointed it out... I too saw that this "amazing frisbee trick" is totally bogus. it makes a cool 12 second video though