Monday, February 01, 2010

There is a certain "growth" on my right arm that has been bothering me for the past few years & I'm beginning to realize I might should have it looked at. At one point (2005?) I thought it was a wart and I used all kinds of different acids and topical ointments but the bastard would not die. Lately, I find that there's a pretty little pattern where the thing gets scratched or pinched off subconsciously while I'm watching suspenseful entertainment or sitting in class. It usually bleeds a bit, sometimes I'll put Hydrogen Peroxide on it, but then it just goes right back to it's bumpy, white, eroded, cancerous looking self and I get nervous. There's no way that the thing will kill me. I am way too clumsy not to die by something else like tumbling down Mt. Rainier, biking accident, etc.... OH! remember that time I drank a fifth of Tres Generacions tequila with Dan Meyer at the Vic's House and I was listening to the Gypsy Kings? There was a wild dance party in the living room and I was the only one there. I saw Dan leaving the house through the six small windows in the front door and to draw his attention back to the "dance party" I decided to bang to the rhythm of the music on the front door... when BIFF BANG POW! my left hand went through the window and without thinking (in my tequila vision) I pulled my hand right back through the shattered hole and PPPHHHTTTT a tall blade of glass that remained went straight into my wrist at a 45 degree angle... deep. so bogus. worst night ever. I remember I really thought I would die. Even worse, the girl I had a huge crush on (who lived over at the Diner House) came over to view the sad spectacle of a dying neighbor. I remember she was wearing a big black wig for some reason and someone was drinking a Sparks, maybe 2 people, and there was talk of going to Rang Dong. I insisted on listening to depressing post rock music because that's how it feels to listen to that music... like you've been stabbed in the wrist by your house!

Geeze, times were tough back in the day. It's a good thing it's 2010. What a year! Ever since that dark dark night in 2005... I've always slightly felt like the living dead. Sometimes I wonder why I don't take more chances and party hard every day and tell people to "eat shit" more often when they really deserve it... I'm like an old man zombie. I just like staying at home with my cats and records and lady friend and kitchen and instruments and stuff.

I'm truly sorry. I don't know what I'm saying here.

It might be possible that I have coordinated a rendezvous between my Mother and Uncle John before a trip to Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. They haven't spoken since I was in high school and it's been a real drag for everybody. Not only my Mom, but my Grandmother too has had very little communication with John. I hope I can mediate this meeting accordingly. Regardless, it's better that it's happening now rather than never.

Ness & I have almost caught up with the end of LOST Season 5. We just finished DEXTER Season 3, now I am watching DEXTER Season 1 (which rules), and soon we will watch MACGYVER! Also, MEERKAT MANOR is some excellent TV that is narrated by Sam from Lord of the Rings. That show is reality TV at it's finest. Ah, television... but on the computer! We finally got some internet here at 609 Thomas St. and it's already put a damper in my studying habits.

Fox gettin' some BBQ! This picture rules!

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